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3 Ways to Save Money With a Best Buy Credit Card

Maybe you avoid retail store credit cards like the plague. These types of credit cards typically feature a higher interest rate, which affects how much you truly pay for a purchase. And as a savvy consumer, you might reason: Why apply for a retail credit card and pay 29% interest, when I can shop with my regular credit card and pay a much lower rate?  It doesn’t take rocket science to understand the math and realize the savings, but don’t cast off retail cards so fast. If you’re an electronic fiend and Best Buy tops the list as one of your favorite retailers, you may benefit from a Best Buy credit card. You might pay more interest, but don’t let the higher rate scare you. Apply for the Reward Zone credit card and learn how to save money on future purchases.

  1. Regularly shop with your credit card. Whether you’re buying headphones or accessories for your cell phone, use your Best Buy credit card whenever you shop at Best Buy or With the Reward Zone credit card, you earn 2.5 points for every $1 you spend with the retailer. Plus, 1 point for every $1 on other qualifying purchases, such as restaurants and grocery stores. Even if you have cash, the more you spend with your store card, the more points you earn. Redeem your points for reward certificates and apply these certificates to future Best Buy purchases.
  2. Enjoy 0% interest financing and other discounts. Maybe you’re ready for a new flat screen, computer or surround sound system. You can save up for the purchase, pay cash and avoid interest. However, the Reward Zone credit card features flexible financing options. Buy now and pay 0% interest for 6, 18 or 24 months on qualifying purchases. For example, receive 18-month financing on purchases of $429 and up, or six-month financing on purchases of $149 and up. Pay off the purchase during the introductory rate period and you won’t pay a dime in interest. But the savings don’t stop here. As a cardmember, you are also eligible for exclusive deals. For example, use your Best Buy rewards credit card and receive a 10% discount on in-store and online purchases.
  3. Pay your balance in full each month. Perhaps your purchase doesn’t qualify for 0% flexible financing. You can still benefit from a Best Buy credit card. A 10% discount helps you save. But since retail credit cards have higher interest rates, carrying a balance from month to month can eat at any savings. To save money and get the most out of your Best Buy credit card, pay off your balance in full each month.  For this approach to work, only charge what you can afford to pay back each month. This may be difficult, especially if you stumble upon a great sale or clearance. If you decide to make a purchase with your credit card, and you cannot pay off the card in one month, pay as much as you can the first month, and then pay off the balance within the next two or three months.