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4 Advantages of a Sears Credit Card

If you’re thinking about diversifying your credit and adding a retail credit card into the mix, a Sears credit card might be a good fit. Then again, maybe you’re a debit card and cash person who only uses credit cards in an emergency. This is certainly a way to get control of your finances and avoid debt. However, using a credit card on a regular basis isn’t a recipe for disaster. Many people with credit cards are able to avoid debt and maintain a good credit history. Plus, you need credit to build a firm credit score.

Some people see credit cards as an evil payment option that should be destroyed. But while credit cards can spawn horrific debt and financial problems, they aren’t bad. It’s all in how you use them, and with different retail credit cards offering promotions and bonus savings, some accounts make financial sense.

If you know how to control and manage your debt, and you frequently shop at Sears or, consider four advantages of a Sears credit card.

1. Special financing offers.

Getting approved for a Sears credit card opens the door to different special financing offers. Sears is a major retailer that accepts major credit cards, such as American Express and Discover. And if you have a credit card, you may consider it pointless to apply for a store card. Besides, a new account results in a credit inquiry, plus it’s an additional bill to manage each month. But at the same time, a Sears account can result in additional savings.

With special financing offers every month, cardmembers can take 5% off their purchase when they shop with their store credit card, or enjoy 0% interest for 12 months. Does your Amex offer this type of savings? A Sears account is the best way to get what you need and avoid interest.

2. Shop at other retailers.

There is a bonus. Not only can you use your Sears account in-store and online, you can also use your card when you shop at Kmart, and Land’s End. This is a unique feature, especially since many retail credit cards are limited to one store.

3. Bonus features with a Sears MasterCard

Get the Sears MasterCard and shop wherever MasterCard is accepted. Pay no annual fee and receive exclusive cardmember discounts and special financing. Additionally, you’re eligible to join the Shop Your Way rewards program, in which you can earn 10 points per every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases at Sears and It’s free to join. Simply provide your member number at checkout in-store or online, and points are credited to your account.

4. Manage your account online. 

Keep a close eye on your balance and due dates by signing up for online account management. This is the easiest way to track your spending, get online statements, view your payment history and make a payment. Plus, you can request credit line increases and add authorized users to your account. It only takes a few minutes to register your account.