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5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Summers are always known for heat, and it is doubtful that this one is going to be an exception. It sure has already started out very warm this year. Whether you stay at home or travel, there are many ways you can beat the heat this summer.

Traveling is a great way to beat heat, but you want to be sure to go to the right destination. If you travel abroad, be aware that many countries can be considerably hotter than here in the summertime. You will want to be prepared for it if it is warmer there, or choose a cooler destination in the mountains, or go to Alaska or the Scandinavian countries.

Choosing a place near the beach or with a pool will also help you stay cool, too. If you’re pregnant, be sure to keep cool and hydrated – but not too much, says WedMd. You can put a cool and damp washcloth on your neck or forehead to help keep your body cooler.

Many homes in the northern United States simply do not have air conditioning. It largely was not needed for the few warm days they had in the past. The past couple of years, however, have seen very warm temperatures affect them, too, making it miserable with little they could do about it.

One way to cope with the heat if you do not have air conditioning is to go somewhere where they have it. This can be a mall, a grocery store, a public or private pool, fast-food restaurant, a friend’s house, a library, or other public place. Sometimes, a front or back porch may have a frequent breeze that can provide some relief, too.

One more thing you can do would be to take two, two-liter bottles and fill them with water and freeze them. Keep two more in the refrigerator. Then put two at a time in front of a fan and blow the air on you. This will definitely help you stay cooler, says DisasterPrep101. Keeping a fan on to circulate air in the room will also make it seem cooler.

Keeping curtains closed longer in the day will help block out the sun’s rays. These rays can really heat up your home faster, but by blocking them when that side of the house faces the sun, you can keep your house cooler longer.

Placing trees around your home so that they provide shade on the sunny side can help you save money by keeping your house cooler. says that it will help you save $100 to $250 annually. Putting awnings over the windows will also help.

If you do not have a central air conditioning unit, you might want to try a stand-alone floor unit. These units can run off a standard 110-volt outlet, or a generator – or even from your car if you have a power inverter. With an additional fan, you do not need to cool it as much, and the fan can blow the air right on you.

It will also help to keep your home cooler longer during the day, if you pull in cooler air at night. Wait until it gets below 75 degrees, and then use a fan to pull in air from other open windows by blowing it out – not in (works better).

Keep devices away from the thermostat that generate heat. This can include a TV set, a lamp, or other device. By putting one near the thermostat, it will keep it warmer longer – which means the air conditioner is going to run longer than necessary, says