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Cutting Rental Car Expense Using the AutoSlash App

Regardless of whether you travel for business or pleasure, you want the best deal on your car rental. Comparison shopping is one of the best ways to cutting car rental expense. But with so many car rental companies available, who has time to contact each company for a price quote? You might contact the first two or three you find online and go with the cheapest of the three. But even if the chosen rental company has the cheapest rate at the time of your booking, the company might not have the cheapest rate when you arrive to pick up the car.

Rental car prices fluctuate, with some companies advertising last-minute specials and other promotions. If you’re determined to snag the best price on your rental, you can always sit by your computer and stalk rental companies day-after-day until you get a fair price. But there is a better way to handle your rental car reservation.

Technology makes everything in life a bit easier. Travel websites, such as Expedia and Travelocity, eliminate the need to contact individual hotels and airline companies for a reservation. Instead, you can compare prices and book travel arrangements from your computer. Fortunately for frequent travelers, this convenient feature isn’t limited to airfare and hotels. AutoSlash offers a new and innovative way to book your car rental reservation and find the best rate. In fact, this company is unlike any other car rental service.

After entering your car rental search information, AutoSlash goes to work to find the best price on your rental. The site employs dual search methods. It’ll search multiple vendors or rental car companies to find the best rate, and then extend the search to find valid coupons and discount codes. These coupons and codes are applied to your inquiry to provide you with further savings. But AutoSlash doesn’t stop here. The best deal on your rental is the goal, and to help you achieve this goal, AutoSlash continues to search for low prices – even after you’ve booked a reservation.

Car rental companies adjust their prices at random. For example, you can book a car rental reservation for the upcoming weekend and agree to pay $125 for the entire two or three days. Two days after booking your reservation, another car rental company can run a weekend special. With AutoSlash, you don’t have to re-check prices each day. The website does the work for you. And once the site locates a cheaper rate, you’re automatically re-booked at the lower price. The entire process is automated and you’re guaranteed the best price possible.

AutoSlash has helped many travelers in cutting car rental expense, so it’s no surprise that the rental car industry isn’t too happy with the website’s methods. In fact, Enterprise and Avis (two well-known rental car companies) have pulled out and no longer allow the website to feature their cars or pricing information, says the DailyFinance. But even with the exclusion of some major rental companies, the website remains an effective portal for finding the best rate on car rentals.