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Don’t Tell Bloomberg: Cronuts Are Here!

Cronuts– they sound delicious, no doubt. But it may be prudent to wait until they come to a city near you. And I don’t just mean that Bloomberg will surely be looking to bring his fun fascism to the N.Y. bakeries. It turns out that these concoctions have turned into an instant hit, and you may not want to bother with a trip:

Despite enforcing a six-Cronut limit, the bakery sells out of its 200 daily run within minutes of opening at 8am, leaving some frustrated customers tearful and even abusive towards staff.

What are these so-called cronuts, you ask? Well, they are a remarkably simple, yet ingenious idea (the best kind!) and sound (and look) fantastic:

…an iced doughnut made from deep-fried croissant pastry, rolled in sugar and filled with cream.

A croissant donut — excellent. The downside of waiting for the idea to hit a town near you is obvious: you don’t want to. The other pleasure you will miss is that of defying the august billionaire Mayor, who oddly wants to horn in on every bit of your life. I would bet that eating one of these with an extra-large soda followed by a cigarette (scratch that — make it a smelly cigar) would add to the joyousness of the whole experience. Alas, quietly defying an imbecilic mayor may not, in the end, justify a trip to Manhattan. The Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo is the place to go for these treats, but the lines begin at around 6am. And it doesn’t always sound like it is a pleasant experience. It seems some New Yorkers get a little agitated, and in at least one case ended up breaking into tears. And, it’s not just New Yorkers. Visitors have apparently heard the word on the cronut craze too:

“I came all the way from Maine to have one”, another disappointed customer who arrived too late reported on, a swiftly established fan website. “And to visit my daughter,” she added.

Ah well, at least she had a daughter to visit after the cronut expedition fell through! While this whole cronut idea may seem simple the chef says it took quite a bit of experimenting to get it just right. So, it may be more difficult to replicate this idea than one might think at first blush. Hopefully, our top chefs will get onto cracking the code and bring it to a bakery near the rest of us. If not, well hey, SoHo is fun and there is that aforementioned extra-added satisfaction of ticking off  Mayor Bloomberg!