Smart Spending

Financial Resolution Reboot

Did you set any financial resolutions this year? Perhaps you hoped to pay-off an old credit card debt, purchase life insurance or simply increase your savings every month. Regardless of your resolution, 2012 is half over so it is a perfect time to check-in and possibly supercharge your efforts.  If you are on track or have already accomplished your goals – very impressive! The rest of us could probably use a little encouragement.

Fortunately, everyday is a good day to start over and improve your financial wellness.  One of my favorite things about practicing yoga is starting over with a new body every morning.  If my body is stiff one day, I don’t judge it for not being able to move with the same ease or gracefully hold the same back bends I enjoyed the day before.  I simply make a mental note to be gentler and find solace knowing the next day will bring a new body. Similarly, if I am frustrated with my stagnant growth or lack of progress on a financial goal, I remind myself that tomorrow will be an opportunity to start all over again.

My 2012 New Years financial resolution was to be more conscientious of my spending and try to literally spend less money than I make every day. This is impractical on days when the big bills are due, but it helps me be more mindful of my spending.  I sometimes even make a little game out of it and mentally calculate how much I saved knowing it will definitely come in handy later on.

Have you accomplished your 2012 New Years financial resolution? What motivates you to improve your financial wellness?