Money Management

How To Earn Extra Income

Ever been a cash-strapped college student desperate for extra income? If you’re not careful, tasks like laundry and dishes can turn into hours of unpaid labor that add up to a lot of work. And while it’s hard enough to find the time and energy to study, when you don’t have any extra income coming in, the work often piles up. Since I’m always looking for ways to maximize my productivity while minimizing the cost, I have some ideas for making money without killing myself.

What if I did all the housework for my mother and dad? Working only part-time in my class schedule and with tuition to pay would be perfect. But what about finding a way to make money doing nothing? I had been contemplating work-from-home jobs for some time, but I was unsure what to do. My mother was always in charge of the laundry and would listen to me complain about how she wasted too much time doing it.

I had an idea! My parents have an old office computer sitting idle most of the time. The only problem was I needed to learn about getting on the Internet or working on a computer, so there was no way I could try out this new idea right away.

My parents have always been good at teaching me amazing things, so I asked my mother if she could teach me how to get on the Internet. If I could find a job there, then it would be perfect. My mother was surprised at my request but was happy to help out. She told me she would have to talk with my dad first because they wanted me to do something more useful with my time instead of just being lazy.

I decided to take action and find a way to make money without any previous experience or training. I only had an interest in computers and some awesome parents willing to help when needed.

My parents had recently retired and stayed at home most of the time. My mother had said a lot about how she couldn’t find work around here, so I figured that if she were retired, she would have time to teach me how to use a computer. I also knew that if my mom could teach me something, I would be able to find out how to make money on the Internet.

I showed my parents an ad for an online college program and asked them what they thought. It seemed like the perfect thing, or it was worth trying.

Without any other ideas, my parents agreed that this would be a good way to spend my free time while they were still around. If I had to move out after college and never see them, this would be a huge benefit.

I signed up for a course that might help my plan. The course was perfect for me since it covered everything from basic computer skills like emailing and surfing the Web to more advanced skills like creating graphics for the Internet and using programming languages like HTML. I read up on everything, took notes, and did assignments whenever I had spare time.

My parents were happy to see how enthusiastic I was about the class and how I was trying to learn and grow. They figured that the experience would be good for me if I needed to get a job.

On top of all this, my parents also encouraged me to do more things with my free time, like reading for pleasure and seeing friends. I started reading about computers after school and on weekends, so when my parents learned about it, they were very supportive.

My father even bought me an HTML book so that I could work on projects without his help. He said he wanted to keep teaching me all he knew so long as it didn’t interfere with my academics or social life.

My parents started getting into their work again, and my mother praised me for doing something useful with my free time. She wanted to know how I felt about school and how the HTML program was going. I told her I was enjoying the course and looking forward to learning more.

I also mentioned my plans for making money on the Internet in the future, but I still needed to tell them what it would be. If they were concerned about me making good money soon, they would want me to do a part-time job so there wouldn’t be any financial worries in their retirement years.

My mom thought getting a real job was brilliant and told me how proud she was of me. She said I had always been a good student, so she worried about me dropping out and not having any money to support my college education. Now that I had a real job on the Internet, I should focus on school again right away.

My dad then explained to me the kind of work he needed on his computer and what he would pay for it. He also said that he would expect me to do certain things when I was done, like answering questions or sending emails as needed. It seemed like a lot of work to do, but I felt challenged by my parent’s expectations.

After I had read the book my dad bought me, I felt confident that I would be able to do this. My parents helped out a lot, but sometimes I did things independently, and they would check on me and see how it was going.

I worked hard at school, made myself useful, and improved my grades by applying what I learned from the course to my classwork. After a few months, I should look for a part-time job to help pay for college. My parents were proud of how dedicated and responsible I was becoming. They started thinking about closing their office completely once they closed their home businesses, so they would have little reason to need me anymore.

They were both used to having a lot of free time, which is why they had been running the office. I only worked there a few times a week, and then my dad’s computer would be up and running again by the end of the week.

At this point, I no longer needed to work at the home office, and my parents could relax completely. The business had started its slow decline after years of crazy growth. They decided to sell their house to move into a condo. I was sad to lose them as employers and friends, but I was happy that my parents were getting healthy again.