Smart Spending

Money Apps That Track Your Financial Health

One of the advantages of accessing our accounts on line has been the elimination of the paper piles needed to keep up with our finances: bank statements, bills, receipts, etc. However, accessing our information on line presents another problem: keeping up with all of the accounts and having that information available in one place.

Where there is a need there is very likely an app developer willing to fill that need. In fact several apps fill this need very well. Here are some money apps for that.
As I mentioned in a previous article, one of the more popular financial apps, allows you to organize all of your financial accounts—banks, credit, mortgage— into one app on your mobile device where you can set budgets and achieve savings goals. Mint is available for all Apple devices — iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad–as well as Android devices. While connected with the app on the internet, accounts update in real-time, transactions are automatically categorized, and alerts tell you when you have gone over budget. It will also alert you of due dates for upcoming bills.

Pageonce Personal Finance

The big difference between this app and Mint is the ability to pay bills directly using the premium version ($6.99), a feature very few financial apps have. Even so, the free version keeps track of all of your accounts, bank, credit, bills, investments, and notifies you when your bills are due. It will also track your mobile minutes, frequent flyer miles and travel schedule. Some versions checks Netflix, eBay, Facebook and other social media accounts.  Its availability to Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows phone also makes it accessible to a larger number of users. The premium version eliminates ads and allows you to check flight information. It does not support PayPal.

Easy Moneyfor Android

As of this posting, Easy Money is only available for Android users but is mentioned here because of its great features: the ability to import images of bills and receipts and store them electronically for later retrieval and the ability to export information to a spreadsheet for analysis. The Easy Money home screen shows account summaries and has the ability to add transactions without having to open the app. Easy Money also helps keep track of repeat transactions, bills to pay, lets you transfer money between accounts and has the ability to create financial reports and color-coded budgets. Besides just being available on Android, the other downside of this app is that you pay $9.95 per month for it but it does give you a 30-day free trial.

Adaptu Wallet for iPhone
For the iPhone user, Adaptu Wallet for iPhone has the ability to store photos of business cards, membership cards and health and motor insurance cards, etc. and tracks loyal programs. The app creates spending forecasts as well as connects accounts for view on one screen. Adaptu gives you the ability to set your budget and track your progress over time and supports PayPal. As of this publication, it is both free and ad free but will start charging in the near future.

Although these apps may differ in features, all of them have one thing in common: they will help you keep track of your money. And, as we all know, keeping track of your money is the key to getting better at spending your money more wisely.