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One Month Changes That Can Make a Big Difference In Selling Your Home

When you selling your home, you need to make the space into a place that buyers want to live. This often means doing some basic repairs and upgrades in order to clean up and modernize your home. While you may not want to make a huge investment in time and money to get your house ready to sell, it can pay big dividends to take just a month of time before listing your home on the market in order to make some simple changes.

One Month Changes To Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Before you list your home for sale, you can take care of a lot of little tasks over the course of the month that can greatly increase your chances of getting top dollar for the space. Here are a few suggestions for simple changes you can make in four weeks that will make your home more attractive to buyers:

  • Repaint rooms to classic, neutral colors. Buyers often do not want to come into a home and have to do a lot of work right away on the space. If your home is painted in colors that reflect your personality but that may not appeal to many buyers, this can be a big turnoff since those who visit will see that they’ll need to repaint right away. Painting your rooms to neutral colors doesn’t cost very much and it can make it much easier for buyers to visualize themselves in your home.
  • Consider switching out dated doorknobs. Changing the knobs on your doors from 1980′s shiny brass to a brushed nickel or other more modern metal is a simple fix that can make a huge difference in how your home shows.
  • De-clutter your space. If you have a lot of clutter and items bulging out of closets, this is a major turnoff. Not only will it make it harder for buyers to see the space as their own, but it will also make it seem like the house is too small and lacking in storage space. Since you are going to be moving anyway, pack up a lot of your personal items and get your home looking spacious and beautiful.
  • Consider replacing the carpet. New carpet can be purchased at an affordable price and it can make your home look much nicer and newer. This is especially important if your carpet is stained or if it has odors in your home.
  • Take care of your honey-do-list. If you have had little maintenance tasks on your list for a long time like fixing a broken railing or stopping a sink from dripping, now is the time to take care of these issues. You don’t want buyer to come to a home and see problems or deferred maintenance as this can make them concerned about what else you may not have maintained in your home.
  • Improve the curb appeal. Planting some flowers and putting some nice pots outside can make your home much more cheery and inviting.

By taking the time to do these simple fixes, your home can be a much more attractive option for buyers who come through to consider making a purchase.