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Plan and Organize for a Successful Yard Sale

Often, people use the  terms  yard sale or garage sale  to describe their plans to  sell  personal items  they no longer use, have never used or  The activity also includes estate sales, rummage sales, junk sales, attic sales , and a host of other sales carried out under other names. Prior to scheduling your yard sale project, you will need to plan and organize the project.

Start by checking with your local town or homeowners association (HOA) to learn what the ordinances or rules are for yard sales. Once you have the requirements, you can apply some of the following ideas to help you plan for a successful yard sale.

The size of your yard sale is important. If shoppers drive by and see that you don’t have much they will keep going. Ask neighbors, family and friends if they have goods to contribute. Large yard sales get a better response

Scheduling the Event

Find out if any of your neighbors, friends, or family members want to join the yard sale. A large yard sale will ensure you get a better response, especially with people driving through the neighborhood.

Check the ten-day weather forecast in your region so that you don’t schedule the event during a time of expected rain. Plan the event on a mid- Saturday or Sunday morning at around 10:30 am.  You will be able to catch people out walking their dogs, taking a stroll after breakfast and just before the lunch hour when people disappear indoors.

Plan to keep the sale period short—just a few hours. Put the time clearly on display in your advertisements. This will save you time, put interested buyers on notice, and compressed buyers into a certain timeframe. It will also keep the appearance of activity high.

Some people use the presale- Friday with special invitation to friends, family, and other guests which gives them a chance to purchase sell off bigger items.  Use online sites like to advertise your sale

Advertising the Yard Sale

You must advertise your yard sale so that people will know you are selling things. If you don’t tell them you are open for business on a specified Saturday or week-end you simply will not attract buyers.  Yard sale shoppers look for yard signs, notices on the local bulletin board or on the grocery store board.  Advertise the yard sale at least one week prior to the scheduled date. This ensures shoppers on the lookout for yard sales will put you on their shopping list.

Make you ads simple and clear. List the address, time of sale and featured item categories, such as furniture, garden tools, women clothing, or power tools. If you house is hard to find, you will need to add directions. You should also state if “early-birds” are welcomed.

Pricing Tips

Make sure you know what items are worth.  If you have an antique, it best to take it to a dealer and get a price opinion rather than guest the items value. Build in a profit margin that allows you to freely haggle over the price. The process does not have to be aggressive. Walk away from aggressive customers. Make sure you have enough change on hand so that you can change large bills quickly.