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Summer Shopping: Tips for You to Save Money

Summer is here, the weather is hot, and the urge to stay cool is higher than ever! It is the perfect time to buy new summer clothes which are lighter, more colorful, and more fun than your winter sweaters and long jeans. Many clothing stores now have their summer styles on display, and Memorial Day has passed, which means you are now ready to wear white! There is only one problem when it comes to summer shopping; clothes are not cheap.

You may be wondering how you can save money on clothes in a season where everyone is shopping for new summer wardrobes. You may also be thinking about buying new stylish bathing suits, except that bathing suits tend to have a very expensive price tag. Well, here is some good news; you CAN save money on clothes and still look fashionable! Here are some tips for saving money on your summer clothes.

  1. Start free membership cards or rewards cards with all of your favorite stores and designers. The best part is that it’s free! The benefits surely outweigh the shortfalls, since there are no shortfalls. You spend no extra money, however you receive rewards and discounts in the mail or your email when you buy items from the respective store. Sometimes they even send you a birthday reward! Remember to save all of the rewards and coupons they send you so that you can save money on your next purchase.
  1. Be on the lookout for sales. Don’t you hate when your friend tells you that there was a one-day sale at Macy’s, and you missed it! Sign up to get updates from your favorite stores so that you know exactly when they are having sales. You can coordinate around the sale so that you don’t buy clothes at another time and then feel guilty when you realize you could have saved a lot of money if you bought them during the sale!
  1. Take advantage of outlet malls. For people who love designer clothes and hate the price tag, outlet malls may become your paradise. In outlet malls, you can find the outlet versions of stores such as Nike, Gap, Guess, Coach, and Ralph Lauren! The best part is that although the number on the price tag shrunk, the clothes are typically in great condition and have their regular labels!
  1. Be a smart shopper. Look for good deals everywhere, and never spend a lot of money on an outfit that you can find somewhere else for cheaper, especially if you know that the condition and style would be the same. For example, if you find a relatively standard bathing-suit style that you like in an expensive store and you know that Target or TG Max will probably have a very similar one, be a smart shopper! Also, for items that are pretty standard like flip-flops or plain white tank tops, does it matter if the tag is from a designer? No. Be a smart and observant shopper, and your wallet will appreciate it!

Now that you have the tips, you are ready to change your wardrobe to brace the summer heat! Happy Shopping!