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The Advantages of Couponing

Have you ever been stuck behind someone in line at the grocery store that has multiple orders with stacks of newspaper clippings and wondered what was going on?  Most likely, that person was using coupons to save on their grocery bill.  While couponing can take a lot of dedicated time, the results are well worth it.  If you try it once, you could be hooked on the advantages of couponing.  Groceries are the only things you can purchase with coupons.  Your children can learn and hone in on some much-needed skills while helping you.

While using one coupon may only save you ten cents, you can make it possible to get your entire purchase for free with the right combination of in store sales promotions and coupons.  Many stores will double the value of your coupon, saving you twice as much.  You can still use your coupons on items that are on sale throughout the store, scoring you an even lower price.  You can also use multiple coupons for a single item.  If you have a coupon from the store and a manufacturer’s coupon, you can use both to lower the price on that item or your total bill.  Catalinas can also take a considerable amount off of your total bill.  These are coupons that print at the store, which can be used during your next separate order or shopping trip.

Because coupons are almost always cut on a straight line, your children can help you with the clipping process.  This is a great advantage to younger children, as they need to practice their cutting skills.  Math skills can also be built upon, by counting the coupons and helping with the planning.  Your children can figure out how much you need to and will save by using their knowledge in math.  Your shopping preparations can be an occasion for the whole family to get together and spend time with one another.

Coupons are not just for groceries.  Nowadays, you can share the advantages of couponing with your entire family.  You can get coupons for a variety of restaurants, means of travel, places to stay on vacation, and fun activities.  If you have a favorite place to eat together or travel to, be on the lookout for corresponding coupons.  You can get free entrées, discounts on hotel rooms and car rentals, and cheaper rates on fun things to do.

If you try it once, you will truly see the advantages of couponing.  From applesauce to zebra cakes, you can get lots of free and discounted items at the grocery store when you plan out your coupons correctly.  You never know, the whole family could even take interest, which could be extremely beneficial to your children.  If you are planning a family vacation, a night on the town, or a family fun day browse the internet and your local newspaper for coupons to save you on things other than what you can purchase at the grocery store.  Once you start, you won’t want to stop.