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The Importance of Your Work Environment

Creating the Right Environment

When it comes to getting your work done, it is very important that you create the proper environment to work in. Your work environment can make or break your ability to do your work effectively. There are factors that are within your control and some that are out of your control. Your work environment has a huge influence on how well you perform your work. Here are five major points to consider in the efficacy of your work environment.

Interpersonal Dynamics

Interpersonal dynamics are as important a part of your work environment as anything else. You need to have a good working relationship with all of your co-workers, as well as your superiors. The work environment should be positive and harmonious. Conflicts should be handled with careful resolution.

Do you have issues with any of your co-workers? If so, it will influence your work environment. It’s important that you get a mediator or choose someone to mediate the conflict so that you can work things out as soon as possible. You need to maintain good communication in order to avoid interpersonal conflicts in the workplace. This is essential for being happy in your daily life and for focusing on the tasks at hand.

Interpersonal dynamics in the workplace should be good, meaning both superiors and coworkers communicate with one another symbiotically. There should be mutually beneficial communication, in which positive statements are made. There’s nothing wrong with giving your coworker a compliment on his or her performance. This will lend itself to a positive interpersonal work dynamic.

One way that your superiors can create positive interpersonal dynamics in the workplace is through team building activities. They may choose to host a pizza lunch for the team, or plan a day of team building games. Your superiors should set aside time for the team to participate in activities that help build morale and create bonds between employees. This is a sign of a good boss, one who actively works on helping his employees stick together as a team.

Interior Design

The actual interior design of your workspace is as essential in determining the mood of your work environment. You should choose bright colors to decorate with, including pastels and metallics. You need to choose colors that motivate you, such as orange and yellow. These colors are warm and create a sense of ambition.

You should make sure that the space you work in is completely clean. If there is not a janitor or housekeeper who does this, you can take it upon yourself to help keep cleanliness in the workplace. You can ask your boss if it is possible to help clean up at the end of the day in order to keep the space tidy. Cleanliness is a necessity, not a luxury, and there’s nothing wrong with consulting with your boss to make sure that it is being taken care of.

The work environment should be decorated with metallics and bright colors, in order to help keep people focused and alert. There should be pleasant decoration to look at, such as vases or sculptures. It is helpful to put up wall hangings with motivational words on them. The walls should be well painted and all furniture should be in good working order.

The Boss’s Attitude

One of the most crucial facets of a positive work environment is a boss who is encouraging. Your boss should be a master at communication skills. He or she should know how to communicate well with employees. He should create an environment that is both competitive and collaborative, through developing incentives for employees and facilitating interpersonal communication among employees.

A good boss knows how to motivate his employees. He should set up incentives for achieving goals at work. For example, if you work in a sales room, your boss should offer gift cards or other rewards in order to motivate you to achieve certain sales goals. He should never cut down the employees and should always lift the employees up by offering encouraging words.


The rhetoric in your work environment should be positive. Your boss should use positive terms, rather than negative ones. He should speak more of what your team can do than of what your team can’t do. He should develop ground rules around what types of language are tolerable within the workplace and which are not.

Meetings should be conducted with positive speech. Your boss should focus on each employee’s potential, rather than their drawbacks. There is nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism, but it is important that it does not take over the rhetoric in the workplace. The workplace should be a place for compliments, motivation and encouraging words.

Catered Lunches

Catered lunches are a great way to put a positive spin on your work environment. Eating together is a wonderful form of bonding. It will create more of a team mentality among employees. In addition, catered lunches demonstrate to the employees that they have dignity and deserve the best. This is the least that your boss can do in order to demonstrate gratitude for the work done by employees.

Catered lunches can be provided on a weekly basis, most often on a Friday. These lunches should be different every week, and your boss should take note of which lunches are the team favorites. Your boss can look up the most well reviewed restaurants in the local area on yelp.

He can arrange to have catered lunches provided by a catering company or by a local restaurant who does catering. He should take into consideration any dietary restrictions that individual employees might have. This includes vegetarianism, veganism, religious restrictions on diet, food allergies and gluten-free dining. They should provide this as a token of their gratitude for all the work that the employees do. As a boss, it is a pleasure to do things like this for the team.