Smart Spending

Using a Prepaid iPhone Service Plan to Save Money

Getting a phone that has a lot of options can be a real timesaver, as well as being extremely convenient. The iPhone models 4s and 4 are some of the best phones out there, but it will cost you a bundle between buying them and getting a monthly phone plan for it. A new option that could save you a lot of money is to get it through a prepaid iPhone service plan.

Up until the new prepaid iPhone plan was offered by Cricket Wireless, which is a subsidy of Leap, it would typically cost you a lot more money for a service plan than it will now. The new deal will definitely let you save money – at $55 per month.

In their new deal, Cricket offers customers two iPhones – the 4S and the 4. The newer iPhone 4s comes with 16GB (32GB and 64GB are also available), and the older 4 comes with 8 GB. These phones have never been available before on a prepaid plan. At the present time, there are more than 500,000 apps available at the App Store. Cricket is selling the 4s will cost $499, and the 4 will cost just $399.

Cricket’s iPhone plan gives you the opportunity to talk, text, or download data nationwide. There are no contracts that need to be signed and no activation fees. They will even send it to you with overnight shipping, at no cost to you. Your airtime is unlimited, but once you reach a certain amount within a month, it will slow down after that.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cricket has made a large commitment to Apple. This agreement includes buying $15.5 billion worth of phones over a four-year period. The iPhone 4s is packed with features including a better camera (8-megapixel), a dual-core A5 chip, a 1080p HD video recording, the iOS 5, and iCloud.

Other prepaid iPhone service plans are also available. In each case you will pay the full price for the iPhone up front. Then, the various cellphone providers charge different amounts and will vary the plan.

Apart from Cricket’s new offering, both Virgin Mobile and Sprint also have prepaid plans. Sprint will charge $110 per month and gives you an unlimited text and data plan. iPhone4s-Guide says that Virgin Mobile provides users with basically the same plan, but will do it for half the price – the same as Cricket.

Before buying any of these plans, however, it is very important that you compare carefully and understand exactly what you are getting. Virgin Mobile, for instance, claims to have an unlimited plan, but it actually will slow your speed way down once you reach 2.5GB in a month. Cricket does the same thing, but at 2.3GB.

The bottom line good news is that you would save a bundle by using a prepaid iPhone service plan rather than by going with a standard contract. The difference is that it could enable you to keep more than $850 in your pocket – and still be able to enjoy a really great phone and have excellent service.