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Using Hukkster and Digital Folio to Save Money

Finding the best deal on the merchandise you want just got simpler with two websites – Hukkster and Digital Folio. These websites enable you to save money simply by entering the items you are interested in, and it does this by tracking and searching for you and keeps you informed of price drops when they occur.


One of the websites, Hukkster, declares that you do not need to buy on impulse anymore, because now you will know when the price is best. It means you save money through better shopping techniques. Since you just need to bookmark the stores you love most, it will also help you to know when your item is lowest at your favorite place to shop.

Another advantage of using Hukkster is that you can bookmark several stores and comparison shop. You will know when similar items are available at low prices, and you can pick the one you like the best. You can add or subtract products you are interested in, too, which enables you to get emails only about the things that you want at the time.

Digital Folio

Digital Folio is similar but it focuses on particular products, such as electronics; stuff for the office (such as electronics, furniture, and supplies); appliances; and toys and baby gear. Their focus enables you to get the best prices on these items. The website enables you to get better prices on things like cameras, computers, iPads, printers, cellphones, speakers, Blu-ray disc players, GPS devices, refrigerators, dishwashers, bookcases, and much more.

Two unique features of Digital Folio are that you get real-time shopping updates and comparisons. This helps you save money by showing you the best price among your favorite retailers for the products you are interested in – and the best place to get it. You can also pin products, which enables you to track prices on the products you are interested in buying.

Being able to access your shopping list from any device or from anywhere is another advantage of using Digital Folio. This feature means that you can find out instantly while looking at a product if it is the best price available or not. If a lower price is available somewhere else and you wait to buy, you save money in the long run and get the price you want. Another feature is that you can even share your list with friends – letting them shop with you and allowing you to compare notes.

Many of the top stores are watched regularly by Digital Folio, which includes WalMart, Amazon, Target, Sears, Best Buy, and more. Other retailers can also be added if you contact them. The power to access all of these stores through these two shopping websites is incredible, and you will be able to buy with greater confidence knowing that a better price cannot be found anywhere else near you.

Both Hukkster and Digital Folio enable their users to set a price. Notices are given when a product falls below that price, letting you save money on your favorite purchases.