Smart Spending

Where to Go To Update Your Wardrobe For Your New Job Interview

Looking your best is essential when you dressing for your job interview. Unfortunately, if you have been out-of-work for a while, you may not have a lot of good office clothing or outfits appropriate for an interview. Spending a lot of money on new clothes while you are unemployed is a bad choice, but you do want to ensure that you look your very best so you can make a good first impression on your potential new employer.  As such, you need to be a smart shopper and find the right new outfits so you can dress for the job you want.

Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe For a New Job Interview

To find the perfect interview clothing at affordable prices, here are a few tips:

  • Check nearly-new stores and consignment shops in your area. You can often find really nice clothing that has not been worn very often and that is relatively new. While these types of shops tend to cost a little bit more than stores that traditionally sell used clothing (such as Goodwill), consignment shops may have better quality outfits than you would find elsewhere.
  • Visit garage sales in professional neighborhoods. You may find someone who has recently retired, left the workforce or switched to a more casual job who is unloading their professional office clothes. This can be one of the single most affordable ways to find work clothing that you can wear to a job interview.  Getting the clothes dry-cleaned or even paying for tailoring to make the clothes fit you better can still be cheaper than buying brand new outfits for your interview.
  • Use Craigslist and Freecycle to find professional clothes. You may find an outfit for free or for a very low cost by making use of these online resources. You can also post a request or a wanted post on these sites as well. There may be people who remember what it was like to be unemployed and who will find something in their closet that they don’t need any more and that they are willing to pass on to you. Again, the cost of dry cleaning may be well worth it in order to get a great deal on a perfect back-to-work outfit.
  • Consider buying your outfit on eBay. The online auction site may be more expensive than Craigslist in some cases, but you can still get great deals on clothing.  You can search based on your size and the style of clothing that you are looking for and you can narrow down your search to items that are new with tags; new without tags or used.  New-without-tags items tend to be cheaper but still give you the benefit of getting brand new clothing that no one has worn before. Of course, used clothes are the lowest-priced option. Used clothes can be a great choice, just be sure they come from a smoke and pet free home so you don’t bring an unpleasant odor into your job interview.

By taking advantage of these different resources, you should be able to find the perfect back-to-work interview outfit without blowing your budget.