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Which Cars Have the Worst Overall Fuel Economy?

When you want to save money, you want to consider the kind of car you drive and how much gas it gets per gallon. Over the year, the cost of gasoline to keep your car on the road can vary widely, meaning that it can cost one car thousands more in gas costs over what it would cost to drive another one, and this is true even of some similar sized cars. Some cars are notorious for being gas guzzlers, and some may even get the worst overall gas mileage.

While gas prices are low and the economy is good, the price of gasoline may not matter much. When it is not so good, like it is now, then you certainly want to avoid the cars that have the worst overall fuel economy. One website that provides this kind of information is, which is a government website to inform consumers so that they can make wise choices about any car they are considering buying.

This is the first year in which auto makers have to reach goals set for them by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2009, according to So if you want to find a car that gets good gas mileage, you will want to take a good look at the cars on this list.

The list includes every category of vehicle. Interestingly, every car on the worst overall fuel economy list is a luxury car. Each one of them gets between 10 to 18mpg, and the engine size runs between eight to sixteen cylinders. These gas hogs include the Bugatti Veyron (16 cylinders), the Aston Martin DB9, Bentleys, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, and more. Of course, if you could afford to own one, then the cost of gas is probably not a concern for you.

Small Cars

When it comes to the type of vehicles that most of us drive, offers some good information. In the small car category, there are three cars that get the worst gas mileage. This includes the Suzuki SX4 Technology, the Dodge Caliber SXT, and the Volkswagen Gold 2.5, all of which get as little as 24 mpg average, and about 32 mpg on the highway.

Family Cars

The ConsumerReport Website put two family sedans in the worst overall fuel economy class. The Ford Fusion SEL (AWD) and the Maxda 6′s Grand Touring both had an average of 20mpg’s, and they got about 30pmg on the highway.

Sports Cars

As far as your average sports car goes, there was only one in this class – the Chevrolet Camaro 2SS convertible. This car was able to get 25mpg on the highway, but it only averaged 17mpg, which meant that it only got 11mpg in the city. Of course, for those who want a real sports car, you already know that speed and power are going to cost in terms of greater fuel consumption.

Having a car that gets poor gas mileage probably has you looking around at other choices. While many of the gas hogs are typically the larger or sportier vehicles, you may want to talk to your insurance agent before getting another vehicle. This may help you not only save money on gas, but possibly on your car insurance, too.

If you already have a car that eats a lot of gas, don’t forget that there are several ways that you can reduce your monthly gas cost. suggests that if your car recommends (not “requires”) premium fuel, then you might switch to regular for better savings. At any rate, a little research before you get that fancy car will help you avoid one that has the worst overall gas mileage.