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Loan types: Unsecured short and long term personal loans
Loan amount: $500 - $40,000
Application: Quick Process – Easy process with fast connection to lenders
Direct deposit:

If approved, your loan funds may be wired to your bank account as soon as the next business day by lenders


Why Acta Loans?

Acta Loans have revolutionized the meaning of fast processing. A special online request form is shorter than competitors because they only ask the questions that matter and the whole process takes just a few minutes to complete. Most of the lenders don’t require faxing either so you can potentially be approved from the comfort of your own home. Just fill out the request form and Acta Loans will direct you to lenders for all types of situations and credit scores. If you are approved, your lender may deposit funds directly to your account as soon as next business day upon approval. May not be available in all states and you are encouraged to research whether loans are available in your state.

Loan Request Process Information:

Nobody likes filling out long, tedious forms, which is why Acta Loans keeps its process as short and simple as possible. The request form will ask you for personal information, but rest assured that the website employs the highest levels of security, including SSL and encryption. To request a loan you must be at least 18 years old, a citizen or permanent resident of the US, and have a driver's license and Social Security number. You'll also be asked for your bank account information for routing and electronic transfer purposes. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bank account as several of Acta Loans's lenders specialize in working with people just like you to deliver loan proceeds in an alternative fashion.

Repayment Terms

Personal loans have varying repayment terms that can extend as long as several months. Typically, first time borrowers will have significantly shorter repayment terms, such as by your next payday or two weeks. Every individual loan is different so be sure to carefully review the terms of your loan to find out what the repayment terms are before you accept an offer. There are various repayment methods (weekly, bi-weekly, one-time) and various extensions and renewals allowed depending on your lender. If you do find you need an extension or renewal then just contact your lender for additional details and information. Most lenders do not charge a penalty for early repayment.

Help & Support

Acta Loans offers responsive email support and can be reached by phone. They also offer Chat Support that will answer the most common loan request questions you may have. Although, email is the best option to contact Acta Loans if you have any questions. Their representatives responded quickly, but since they are not a lender, they can only provide general information and you should contact your lender for more specific, detailed loan related questions. You can also find a helpful FAQs and Terms of Use page on the website, so start there when you're looking for information.